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Why Choose Anand Rathi Advisory Services

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Forex Advisory Services

A Key Thought
  • Do you import or export goods or services?
  • Are your receivables and payables in foreign currencies?
  • Does your company have any assets or liabilities in a foreign currency?
  • Are you expecting a one-time payment or receivable in foreign currency (capex, ECB, etc.)?
If the answer to any of the above questions is “YES”, then you are exposed to exchange-rate (forex) fluctuation risk, which needs to be managed.

What should be the Hedging Strategy ?
  • Defensive / Aggressive / Conservative approach
  • Benchmarking
  • Using proper financial instruments like Forwards, Futures, Options, Spreads, etc
  • Dynamic Hedging Percentage
  • Reporting & Review Monitoring Accounting

Our services to Corporate Clients

At AnandRathi, we have formed a team of highly skilled Forex Advisors with the primary objective of providing companies with relevant inputs and advice required to mitigate forex risks under the group company Anand Rathi Advisors Ltd. This desk is manned by professionally qualified and experienced bankers, corporate treasury and advisory staff. It is against this background that the Advisory Team desires to pioneer Forex Risk Management, with the practical theme of foreign exchange hedge for competitive business edge. As always, AnandRathi seeks to bring all the stakeholders in this and related markets under one roof and provide a platform to mitigate currency risk, which is the need of the hour for many exporters / importers and service providers.