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Hedging Through Currency Exchange

The issue of whether or not to hedge risk continues to baffle many corporations. At the heart of the confusion are misconceptions about risk, concerns about the cost of hedging, and fears about reporting a loss on derivative transactions. A lack of familiarity with hedging tools and strategies compounds this confusion. Corporate risk managers also face the difficult challenge of getting hedging tools (i.e., derivatives) approved by the company's board of directors. Do you conduct foreign currency transactions? Want to minimize the impact of currency fluctuations on your profits?

In India, the exchange rate with the dollar was deregulated and was allowed to be determined by markets in 1993.The economic liberalization of the early nineties facilitated the introduction of derivatives based on interest rates and foreign exchange. Derivative’s is still highly regulated owing to the partial convertibility of the rupee, and only banking channels were offering quotes. However, in 2009 a drastic change in policy by the RBI opened up currency derivative markets to wider participation and listing of such instruments on stock exchanges. This opened up enormous opportunities for small and large corporates and traders to hedge their exchange rate risk on the bourses in a more transparent and simple manner.

It has been consistently amongst the top 3 brokers in commodity and currency segments on MCX, NSE and MCX-SX