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Why Choose Anand Rathi Advisory Services

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Why AnandRathi Advisors – Treasury Outsourcing

Anand Rathi Advisors Limited , part of AnandRathi Group, has a currency desk which is manned by professionally qualified & experienced bankers, corporate treasury & advisory staff.
  • Anand Rathi Advisors Limited can check pricing for you, do specific research and provide hedging advice including coming up with initial ideas and strategies or checking the strategies you already have in place.
  • Anand Rathi Advisors Limited is aimed at businesses where fluctuating exchange rates can have a material impact on profits.
  • The service is provided completely independently, ensuring clients receive unbiased, objective opinions.
  • As your trusted consultants, Anand Rathi Advisors Limited Team does not transact your foreign exchange; we simply provide you with the very best, bespoke advice to protect your business from foreign exchange market risk. The Anand Rathi Advisors Limited Team works on a non-transactional, fee-based consultancy basis and does not disrupt your existing banking relationships in anyway.

Why Anand Rathi Advisors Limited services worth it

In your business you insure everything from computers and manpower to plant and machinery. But do you insure your sales, purchases or loans? It’s extremely critical to hedge the currency risk in exports/imports or if you have foreign loans or assets, since that is the only way to insure the bottom line of your corporate balance-sheet. E.g. Effective use of buyers’ credit can reduce your cost of funding substantially, from 12% to 3%.

• Banks take away anything from 20 to 80 paise or more on small transactions of USD / EUR conversion in your current account, with you assuming it’s the prevailing market rate. This means a direct under-realization of `40-50 thousand on every $100,000 transaction. You can thus calculate the potential savings of effective monitoring of bank spreads.

We are accountable for our advice.

Do you depend on your bankers for day-to-day advice? Does a banker lose anything if you have incurred losses on your exports due to no hedging or under-hedging. The answer is “NO”. A banker does not have information regarding your business in totality and thus cannot give you day-to-day advice. Whether the market goes up or down, it makes money from your transactions.

• If every small or midsized corporate body hires an expensive treasury team, the results might be untested, and the size of your business may not justify such a huge cost. So this function can be outsourced to us thus getting expert advice at affordable prices.

• Even in a large business, a well-researched view and advice can reinforce the entire decision-making process and thus can benefit much.